Check out the following testimonials about how great it is to work with personal fitness trainer Alli Ferguson.

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Henry Q.Henry Q.
I was a little hesitant to implement a corporate training program, but after working with Alli for 6 months, my employees are exponentially more productive and our ability to work as a team has skyrocketed. I don’t want to overdo my excitement, but she has seriously transformed my business team.
Melissa B.Melissa B.
I started working with Alli to get ready for my wedding, but quickly realized my training would not end with the wedding. Two years later and I am still working with her! Let’s just say that my husband is a huge fan of Alli as well!
Cherry G.Cherry G.
I will never use another training resource after working with Alli – I love her flexibility to work with my crazy schedule and her willingness to go at my pace. She’s awesome.
Lance S. Lance S.
Alli is the absolute best. I have worked with many trainers over the years (I need the extra push) and while I’ve had some good ones, Alli has far exceeded anybody else. It’s her knowledge of how the mind works that really made a difference for me. It’s all in my head and she helps me get out of my own way.
Kimberly M. Kimberly M.
I can’t say enough about Alli. She came into my life when I was at my darkest and helped transform not only my body, but also the way that I thought about myself. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t met her.

Top 10 Reasons to partner with Alli Ferguson

  1. Affordability – this is the single, most cost-effective personal training you can find anywhere.
  2. Flexibility – never lose a session again because you train whenever it fits into your schedule, not the trainer’s schedule.
  3. Connection with others – share your story with others who are working on similar goals with similar challenges via social media. Inspire others and be inspired yourself.
  4. Improved health – understanding what stands between you and the body you want is challenging with all of the conflicting fads. Alli is grounded in fundamental biochemistry, psychology, and physiology, and not in the “latest and greatest.”
  5. Prevention of chronic mental and physical illness – there is a clear link between many preventable chronic illnesses, less healthy eating and exercising habits. We will help you change that for good.
  6. Prevention of depression and anxiety – the hormones released during exercise counteract depression and anxiety. They are also diet-related and easily curable with food coaching and training.
  7. Teaching children healthy habits – the things you will change for your own good will rub off on your children for the better.
  8. Looking and feeling better – when your body is strong, you feel strong. When your body is lighter and leaner, you feel empowered to handle life’s challenges – and you do!
  9. Stress relief – the best way to blow off the stress of everyday life is to exercise! It prevents the release of cortisol, which builds up belly fat.
  10. Comprehensive support – we are here to support you in all your health and fitness-related needs.