Virtual Personal Fitness Training

A one-size-fits-most exercise plan simply does not work. Personal training is, by its very nature, the most effective method to attain results because it’s designed to fit your unique body challenges.

Virtual training is a win-win. It’s a win for the client who can train whenever they want without having to consider the trainer’s availability, and because the trainer isn’t physically present, the training is available at a fraction of the cost. It’s also a win for the trainer in the sense that she can transform many more people’s lives than she can with just seeing one person at a time.

Individual Programs

Customized Personal Training

What do these programs entail?

  • 3 days per week – 1 hour sessions, at your location of choice
  • Month-to-month basis with money-back guarantee
  • 13 sessions per month/$97 (less than $8/hour)

Maintenance – $25/month

Food Coaching

It’s likely that you have heard someone say “weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.” It’s not true for every body type, but it IS true that both are essential to turning your body into a “fat furnace.”

In her food coaching, Alli does an assessment of the risk of developing diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and obesity. Using that information, she will tailor a food plan (if necessary) to start to eliminate the most dangerous fat, visceral fat, or gently guide you to improved decisions based on your current diet. The goal is to change your relationship with food to one that supports your health goals and efforts. She also identifies foods that do not match with your body’s chemistry.

In-Person Mind, Body, and Wealth Training

This is the most unconventional training offered. Because Alli has an advanced degree in the field of Psychology as well as extensive experience in training clients, she combines the best of science, nutrition, exercise, and financial know-how to re-hardwire your brain; thus, eliminating subconscious patterns that hold you back from achieving your overall goals. Total freedom comes through aligning your mind, your body, and your wealth. After this truly total life transformation, you will never be the same.

Corporate Program

What is Corporate Wellness?

“Wellness is much more than the absence of illness.” It could be tempting to separate wellness from work, but the reality is that they are more intertwined now than ever before. As employees spend increasingly more hours at the office (usually in sedentary situations), it’s no wonder that corporate healthcare costs are now skyrocketing and employee turnover rate is higher than ever.

Corporate Wellness brings healthy, everyday lifestyle choices into the workplace environment. As an experienced Health and Fitness expert, Alli Ferguson offers her customized plans and expertise to bridge the gap between employees and effective corporate health and wellness.

Why does your company need it?

The bottom line is this: unhealthy employees cost you money.

According to a Gallup poll reported by the Huffington Post in June 2014, unhealthy workers cost businesses $153 billion a year in lost productivity.

Well-implemented workplace health programs can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, and workers’ compensation and disability management claim costs.

The Top 5 reasons you need a Corporate Wellness Program:

  • Curtail rising healthcare costs
  • Attract and retain good employees
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Heighten employee morale

“A workplace health program has the potential to keep healthy employees in the low-risk category by promoting health maintenance, while also targeting those unhealthy employees in the higher-risk categories, lowering overall health insurance costs.” – CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Process – Plan, Implement, Evaluate


While each phase holds its own importance, having a proper plan in place will allow for greater success of the Corporate Wellness Program. Some activities in this phase include:

  • Planning your wellness year
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Conducting employee surveys to determine wellness levels
  • Setting up sponsorship for a corporate fitness challenge
  • Scheduling workshops on relaxation, stress management and work life balance topics


This is where we will take the data from phase 1 and put it into action. Working with those employees who wish to participate, we will design individualized personal training and food coaching for each employee. Some activities in this phase include:

  • Design and track personal fitness training plan for each individual
  • Design and track personal eating plan for each individual for optimal, fastest results
  • Distribute healthy tips on your intranet, social media or via e-blasts
  • Create a Wellness Bulletin Board in cafeteria or break room
  • Offer online and telephone health coaching to your employees
  • Hold monthly “lunch and learns” on national health observance topics
  • Schedule 5-10 minute stretch breaks throughout the day
  • Offer onsite fitness and weight management programs
  • Offer employees online health coaching through the Alli Ferguson website & digital portal
  • Hold healthy recipe contests
  • Send employees who adopt healthy behaviors personally signed letters from the CEO
  • Support a lunch time walking/running club
  • Implement fitness incentive programs
  • Creating an “Avoid the Elevator” campaign
  • Offer ergonomic assessments
  • Offer health risk assessments to employees
  • Offer free onsite chair massages once a quarter


In this phase, we track and evaluate each of the activities that were implemented in phase 2 to ensure employees are satisfied and seeing results from the program implementation.

  • Schedule employee assessment meetings
  • Analyze data, feedback, and results from implementation phase
  • Make changes to program based upon data and tracking information

What are the Costs of the Corporate Wellness Program?

# of Employees 3 Months 6 Months 1 year 2 years
10 – 50 $150* $140 $125 $235
51 – 100 $140 $130 $115 $215
100+ $130 $120 $105 $200

*costs are per person/per month, 3 month minimum require

Example: Company ABC signed up 20 employees for a 3 month contract, their cost for the program is $9000 ($150 x 20 x 3).

Affilate Programs

Discount for 2 or more people – get a $10/month discount when your friends and/or family get started too!